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An exchange of art and culture which carries with it a message of peace and caring.

History of Five Finger Mountain

View from Mei's roof, looking down Five Finger Mountain

Once a upon a time there was a very arrogant monkey, because he could change into 72 forms. He could spin himself across great distances. The Buddha challenged the monkey to a competition of power – dn dn dn! The monkey was so overjoyed, he performed his spins, turns, leaps and 72 different forms, thinking that the Buddha would never touch him. At the end the monkey peed on a stone, leaving his mark as a statement of his prowess. At that moment the Buddha’s head appeared through the clouds and laughed down at him. THe monkey realised then that all of his gymnastics had actually been performed within the Buddha’s Five FIngered Hand. Hence the Five Finger Mountain.

Another view of 'Evergreen Village' from Mei's roof on Five Finger Mountain


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