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Our first few days in Taipei

Hi to You All….

We all arrived safely in Taipei on tuesday. Laura and Renay came one way round the globe from the US via San Fransisco accross the pacific, and I came the other via London and flying over the land masses of Europe, eastern Europe, Russia, across Tibet, China to Hong Kong. A change of plane and a short hop across from main land China to Taiwan. A little island in the pacific ocean. Jet lag is a weird and wonderful zone of timless disorientation. We’ve been riding the wave for the last few days, living high up on Five Finger Mountain (story to follow!) with bright and welcoming friends Mei Li (Beautiful Sunrise Light) and RuHong ( Giant Bird in the Forest). Renay and Laura are staying in the guest house of the Cypress Tree Village retirement home. This is where our Tai Chi teacher Master Pong and Madam Pong (a little chuckle) live.
Some mornings during the week we have Tai Chi practice with them, Mei, RuHong and some of the elderly folk, followed by coffee at their house and lunch. On wednesday we had congee (Chinese rice soup with black egg – delicious and good for the stomach!).
We have been busy in our jet lagged state. On wednesday we taught 3 classes at the National Taiwan University of the Arts. The director is an alum from the university of IL dance dept. She introduced us before the classes. K taught 2 improv classes and R & L (Sparkle and Snakeblood – Taiwanese nick names) taught a wonderful composition class. The students all have about 3 names each – Taiwanese, English and Japanese!
Hence we are collecting some names ourselves! Mine is Welly sadly – from Wellington boots which were badly needed for monsoon weather yesterday.
The students in Taiwan and gorgeous dancers. They embody delight when they move and I would be happy to watch them for hours. Much to learn from their intuitive understand of energetic form, and relaxed ease. Truly beautiful. The university campus was also lovely. We sat in the shade of a big tree eating our dinner.
Friday (yesterday) we had a heavy shopping day monsoon deluge that came down non stop from morning til night!
In the morning we had a ‘welcome brunch’ at a superb Italian restaurant in town, which Master and Madam Pong joined (see photos).
Today we are teaching at Jong Jiang High School for a couple of hours followed by outdoor hot spring and dinner (life in Taiwan is HARD!). This morning we went to the social dancing at the Cypress Tree retirement home (see photos).

Enough for now … we must be off.
Keep checking the blog for more exciting updates. We will try to write and post photos regularly.

All our love Renay, Laura and Kirstie



  Simon Ellis wrote @

Really great to read of your travels and stories. Keep them coming! Am curious to hear how the work pans out …

  ljcdance wrote @

Hi there, nice to hear you. We’re having a good time. I posted the utube address for Arn’s film ‘The Flute Player’. Watch it if you have time. It’s pretty amazing, and gives you an idea of how extraordinary Arn is. I can’t wait to spend some time with him and visit his school in Phnom Penh.

Much love and always love to know that you are there and so interested.

Love to Lil. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Mei and RuHong send all their love too.

Love Kirstie

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