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Saturday June 6th – workshop with Taipei dancers

Hi to All,

another full day in Taipei. We did Tai Chi this morning with Master Pong. This afternoon we taught a 4hr workshop with dancers from 2 dance companies in Taipei; Dance Forum dance company and Ku & Dancers.
Superb dancers. Dancing in the heat and humidity is tiring but somehow invigorating. The muscles love it – makes me bendy and stretchy (even at my age!!).
After the workshop we went to a Flamenco dance concert – yes in Taipei. Flamenco and Belly dancing are extremely popular is Taiwan and Japan. THis group were from Barcelona and the star of the show was only 13 years old.
‘At only 13 years old, Miguel Fernadez, “El Yiyo”, is on his way to make his mark as an exceptionally talented dancer int he flamenco world in Barcelona’ (from the program notes). Yes it was somehow strange to see Flamenco in Taipei, but it was also fun. The local Flamenco dance schools were out in force. For the encore they did a song without amplification and it was very different, because the audience was forced to really listen. The atmosphere in the theater changed dramatically. It was suddenly very immediate. intimate and moving. Interesting.
We had a great meal at a Japanese style fusion restaurant.

Japanese style fusion restaurant.

Renay doing brilliantly with chop sticks!

Ulong noodles with Chinese basel and mushrooms

Tomorrow we have another 4hr workshop with the same group and will be filming and talking with the dancers.


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