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Leonard Cohen and the bird on the wire

A Chinese swallow has built a nest that is perfectly balanced on the electricity wires above the middle of the street at the end of our little road. It brings to mind Leonard Cohen’s song ‘Bird on the Wire’.
It’s an unusual choice for a place to build a nest I have to say! We see the swallow each morning when we leave the house and when we return in the evening. She is so sweet and is deeply committed to her job as a mother.
Mei thinks that she has laid her eggs and will hatch them, feed them up and teach them to fly in time for the baby swallows to join the other happiness birds in creating the ‘happiness bridge’ on the 7th day of the 7th month of the Chinese lunar calendar, which is August in the western calendar (see Romeo and Juliet Chinese style story bellow)

A bird on the wire

Closer view

Close up


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