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Story : Romeo and Juliet Chinese style

This is the story we were told this evening at dinner…….

… a long long time ago there was a Chinese cowboy (?) doing cowboy things every day (?).
One day he went down to the river and saw a beautiful girl having a swim. The cowboy stole the girls clothes (cheeky). He told the girl that he would only give her clothes back if she promised to marry him.
The cowboy and the beautiful girl, who was a seamstress, got married. They were very much in love and happy together.
But in actuality the young girl was a Goddess Fairy (of course), and when her father ‘the Sky Emperor’ found out that she had married a mortal cowboy he was terribly angry and he ordered the Goddess Fairy to return to heaven.
The Goddess Fairy returned to heaven and both she and the cowboy were deeply sad at being parted.
The Sky Emperor seeing his daughter so distraught with unhappiness, decided to grant them the opportunity to meet for one day in every year; on the seventh day of the seventh month in the Chinese lunar calender.
On that day there is a milky way in the form of a double happiness bridge that is made by millions of happiness birds joining heaven and earth. The cowboy and the goddess fairy are able to meet in the middle of the bridge.
On that day it very often rains, because of the Goddess Fairy’s tears.
On that day all the women in the China and Taiwan have to put out a bowl of water with a brand new towel placed elegantly around it so that the Goddess Fairy can wash and dry her face after crying.
The 7th day of the 7th month of the Chinese lunar calender is Chinese Valentines day.

The moral of this story :
When you fall in love it’s important to check out first if the one that has taken your fancy is not a fairy!

The new 1 1/2 hr hair cut….
and the Tai Chi practitioners whose practice has obviously gone to their heads!

Photo of Kirstie's 1 1/2 hour hair cut!

Laura and Renay - as you can see the Tai Chi has gone to their heads somewhat!



  charles and Janet wrote @

We look forward to the daily updates, it makes us feel like we are almost with you. We have shared the web site with several of our friends and they too are following your adventure. Please keep the updates coming, they make our day!
Janet and Charles

  Reictpiorce wrote @

Amazing, I didn’t heard about this topic up to the present. Thanx!

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