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Exhausting wonderful 2 days

Friday June 12th

Finished our Taipei teaching today.
Yesterday was a marathon 7hrs of teaching. The advanced workshop of 4hrs followed by the intermediate/beginners of 3hrs.
Today we had the last 4hr advanced workshop class. All of the dancers from Taipei Dance Forum (dance company) were there – exquisite exquisite dancers and an honor to be able to teach them and dance with them. Young and vibrant. Many other dancers and performers joined the classes including a famous Taiwanese actress Yen Ling, who we did a filmed interview with after the class. It has been a very successful run of classes.
After the class today we went to the Taipei Artist Village to rehearse. We will perform there tomorrow evening at 7.30pm, and on sunday at 2.30pm. The Taipei Artist Village is an art center where artists from all over the world come to do residencies. We are performing in the gallery.
I have invited some Taipei dancers to perform with us. The line up is: Mei, Peipei, IFen, Saio Ke, Renay, Laura, myself and Nicolas who creates sound sculptures (French).
Our rehearsal went well tonight.
We drove home back up the mountain completely exhausted. There was a slight drama when Mei was doing the laundry and found a huge centipede in the clothes. In Taiwan the centipede is very dangerous, highly poisonous and this one was about 5/6 inches long and rather fat! Somehow or other Mei talked to it and calmed it down. She managed to get it in a plastic bag and take it outside to set it free. Scary.
There are also giant cockroaches that roam the sidewalks quite freely. There have been a few near misses and mighty shrieking, but nothing too serious. We’ve seen giant snails, some eagles that fly around the mountain here, and many wild dogs that live in packs in the jungle on the mountain. They seem to be very nice natured.
Good to keep you updated on wild life sightings!

Here are some photos from the workshops over the past few days. I will also put some in the travel photo link
Photos are taken by RuHong…..


Wild child


Taipei Dance Forum

Laura at work

Famous Taiwanese Actress

Taipei Dance Forum workshop

Taipei Dance Forum

Dance Forum workshop





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