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Saturday performance at Taipei Artist Village

Very late night on Five FInger Mountain. Rain bucketing down outside as it has been doing all evening.
We had a VERY successful performance this evening at the Taipei Artist Village. By successful I mean there was a good amount of audience, including students from the classes we have been teaching, and other people we have met here. Friends and family of the performers and other general public.
We started with Laura spinning fire to the sound of falling rain. Then the 8 of us did a 20 minute improvisation which was clear and supportive throughout. We held the attention of the audience and clearly they enjoyed it tremendously. We followed up with a question and answer session and great questions were asked – then people watched the film that I am in the process of making about improvisation.
It was obvious at the end of the evening, by the ambience in the room, that everyone was happy, and went home with raised spirits. This is always the best feeling after performance when you know your audience have been lifted up by the experience.
We have one more Tai Chi session tomorrow morning with Master Pong followed by early lunch and our second performance at the Taipei Artist Village at 2.30pm.
Our plan is for a last hot spring to relax after all of our work, and the evening packing and preparing to fly to Phnom Penh on monday morning.
I received an e-mail from Arn this evening saying he will meet us at the airport when we arrive and accompany us to our guest house. I have to say I am VERY excited!

Here are some photos of the space preparation for tonight’s performance, a little bit of the rehearsal and some of the film showing……

Taipei Artist Village



View from Taipei Artist Village - torrential rain

The recycling man

Preparing the space




Film screening during performance


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