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Shadow Puppets

Last night (saturday), Mei and I went to Savanah Phun, a small outdoor theater a few blocks away from our guest house, where every weekend they show different shadow puppet plays.
The atmosphere was wonderfully home grown, intimate and lively. The musicians sat at the side of the stage, and the piece began with the traditional offerings to the gods.
The two monkey characters, who stole the show, had been in the class we met that morning at Cambodian LIving Arts. We spoke to them after the show – full of life and laughter.
Here are some photos of our evening….

Savanah Phun Theater
Savanah Phoen

Shadow puppets
Shadow puppets

The main character
The main character

A young audience member
A young audience member

Young audience member
The young audience member

2 more young audience members
2 more young audience

Two monkey characters – students from Cambodian Living Arts
The monkey characters - students from CLA

The whole cast
The whole cast


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