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An exchange of art and culture which carries with it a message of peace and caring.

Vanna’s sweet note to me from Phnom Penh

Vanna sent me such a sweet response to my letter of thanks for our visit to the Harpswell dormitory in Phnom Penh. I am sure she is alright that I share it with you…

Dear Sister Kirstie,

It was wonderful day of our leadership talk, the girls gained a lot experiences from you and your team. For me the event was so much inspired to my soul,, the way that you and your team dance tell me about the real human life, we are human some time fell happy, very very happy, angry, sad, power, less power and the end human need to have freedom. It was really leadership show or I can say life skill show. It was touch me very much. And I am very much like the music, the music compositor kind of deep understand the real human life.

I am happy and welcome the word you call me “Sister”, and I count you my SISTER too.

Sister Kirstie, I thing your though to about me to talk with the SU at the US is pretty good, but I am not sure that my English could make the US people complete understand.

Please feel free to talk with me all things that you want to share, I am happy to listen and share with you as much as I can.

I am apology for not replied you on time, because a little bit busy.

With affection,

Your Sister Vanna


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