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Wednesday June 10th – already!!

Time is FLYING by! Our days are full and varied. Today we went to the Taipei Artist Village which is Taipei’s main art center where I stayed last time I was in Taipei. We will be performing there on saturday and sunday. For the performance I have asked Mei and three other Taiwanese dancers to join Renay, Laura and myself, as well as a French man called Nicola who will do sound.
We were interviewed by a couple of dancers from Taipei, one of whom is studying in Mills College in Oakland, CA.
I then went for the whole Taipei haircut experience. The hairdresser said to me when I arrived ‘you will be here for 1 1/2 hours’. I couldn’t believe it. It started off with a hand massage, followed by lengthy head massage, which included hair brushing and being bonked on the head a couple of times with the hair brush. Neck massage with lavender oil which permeated my nasal passages for the rest of the cut. Hair wash, with conditioner, more head massage, and then having the head wrapped in hot towels and left to rest in a a darkened room. Then the hair cut, which is one of the best I have ever had, and peppermint oil rubbed on my neck for cooling. All of this for just $45!!! Not bad!!
Here are photos of todays adventures……..

Laura on the back of YaTing's vesper

Thousands of scooters in this city. The pollution is INTENSE.THey're off!

Driving is tricky!

In the center Taipei street scene with building 101 in the background. Was the tallest building in the world at one time

Street fish

Amazing fish