dance cambodia

An exchange of art and culture which carries with it a message of peace and caring.

Mei Li

My Art Statement
Mei Li is interested in the practice dance as a living philosophy through investigating the relationship between improvisation and choreographing art forms. She is also working on the training of dancers in both improvisation and performance.

Mei Li is a Taiwan-born independent dance artist. She graduated from London Contemporary Dance in 1996. Since then, she has choreographed more then 30 works, including commissioned works for various companies. Her works have been presented in the USA, Europe and Asia. Since 1997, Mei has worked closely with Kirstie Simson, an internationally renowned teacher and performer of dance improvisation. Mei is a core member of Ku&dancers Performing Improvisation. As an active dance educator in Taiwan, Mei has organized numerous workshops for Taiwan’s various communities and populations, from the physically challenged to opera singers to musicians. She has worked very closely with the National Theater in Taiwan and given lectures through the country to raise the status of Contemporary Dance in Taiwan. Currently, she is teaching at National Taiwan University’s Art and Taipei Forum Dance Company.


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